In Amish Country, on the Train to Paradise

"People come to these pleasant hills of Lancaster County for its countryside shops selling fruit and shoofly pie and its quiet, winding roads with the only sound the click-clacking of horse-drawn buggies. But we came for the rumbling, the soot and the clanging. We came for the trains."

The New York Times

‘Walking the Water’ in the Everglades

"This foreboding world would seem the least appealing of the natural riches in Florida, where white-sand beaches line an immense coastline. Yet every year, tourists venture beyond that cypress to experience one of the most intimate encounters with nature that you can find: a swamp walk. There’s no airboat here. No kayak. No boardwalk. Just old shoes, a walking stick and mucky brown swamp water rising, at times, up to your thighs."

The New York Times

A Smorgasbord of Sights Along Pennsylvania’s 
Route 6

"Heading west, as we did on our drive, the road can unfold like a cross-country trip in miniature moving from the eastern industrial centers around Scranton through central farmland and western wilds, including Pennsylvania's own "Grand Canyon," and on to the eastern coastline of Lake Erie. With roadside food, great hiking, museums and even a random site related to Marie Antoinette (say what?!), it sounded like a road-tripper's delight. "

The Washington Post